Detailed camera-ready instructions

E-rights form deadline: August 25, 2022.

Initial TAPS submission (recommended): September 1, 2022.

Final TAPS submissions (deadline): September 8, 2022.

Step 1: Complete the e-Right form (by August 25, 2022).

You will receive an email from ACM to complete ACM’s e-Rights form.

  • We recommend that you complete the form as soon as possible after receiving. The e-Rights form will be sent to only the contact author of each accepted paper, so it is important that this person is able to respond to emails and complete the form. This email will come from Please remain alert for this email, as it may be sent to spam.
  • Ensure that the paper title, author names, and emails are correct. If you find that the information is not correct please update them in e-Rights. Note that, in principle, changing the author list will not be permissible as conflicts during the reviewing process are handled based on the author list provided at submission time.

Step 2: Prepare and Submit Camera-ready to TAPS.

After the contact author completes your e-Rights form, you will receive a separate email from the ACM Production System (TAPS). This will contain instructions on how to upload your source, supplementary, and auxiliary files for processing. Note that this year, we use the ACM Production System (TAPS) to handle camera-ready submissions and prepare for the proceeding. TAPS generates both accessibility-friendly PDF and responsive HTML5 versions to ensure the widest possible readership. TAPS will also provide a streamlined process for multiple submission formats (Latex and MS Word). We need to follow the ACM Instructions for Submitting the Author’s Paper/Article to TAPS. Please note that this will be an iterative process.

TAPS single column format: This year EAAMO is using ACM TAPS for conference proceedings. TAPS requires the source files to be submitted in single column format so that HTML versions of your papers can be generated. Thus, all camera-ready submissions must be done in ACM manuscript format (single column) ("\documentclass[manuscript]{acmart}" for LaTeX users).

Page limit and supplementary materials: The camera-ready version of your paper must be 14 pages of content (including all figures and tables), plus unlimited space for references. Additionally, authors can upload supplementary materials (text and multimedia items in formats like pdf, ppt, jpg, mp4) during source file submission.

The following is a summary of the substeps to follow.

Step 2.1 Making the initial submission to TAPS

(highly recommend before September 1, 2022)

  • Prepare your materials: create a ZIP file following the specifications. Please check that you are using the correct names for folders and files. -The list of accepted LaTeX packages for ACM TAPS are in the following link
  • Delivering your material: submit your ZIP file to TAPS using the link sent to you by TAPS.
    • If the ZIP file is less than 10MB in size, use the file uploader on that page.
    • If the ZIP file is 10MB or greater in size, use the FTP link on that page.
  • Processing your material: TAPS will attempt to build the PDF and HTML5 versions of your article.
    • If TAPS is successful, you will receive an email with the PDF as an attachment, and a link to the HTML5 version. If you need to correct something, you have the option to reject the outcomes and resubmit your revised ZIP file.
    • If not successful, you need to read the error messages, fix your files and resubmit. If you are not able to fix the errors you can contact the TAPS support team via

Some important notes:

  • Filenames should ONLY include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, the dash “-” and underbar “_” characters. (The period between the filename and the file extension – “figure7.png” is fine.)
  • If you do not have supplementary materials, you must add an empty folder to your ZIP file.

Step 2.2 Approving Your Final Submissions in ACM TAPS

(must be completed before September 8, 2022)

After the final submissions are processed by TAPS, you will receive an email asking you to approve your final version for publication. The link provided will take you to the TAPS Author Dashboard for your paper.

  • The TAPS Author Dashboard email will only be sent to the contact author, so it is important that this person is able to respond to emails and complete the form.
  • This email will come from Please remain alert for this email after you have uploaded your source, as it may be sent to spam. This may take up to two weeks to arrive depending on the size of the conference and the processing required.
  • When you receive an email titled “PDF and HTML Proofs: available for review” please follow the links provided to access the TAPS generated PDF and HTML files.
  • Carefully review the generated files and check for rendering problems or missing content.
  • If you approve the proofs, the submission is complete and ready for publication in the Digital Library. If you do not approve the proofs, you can revise your source files, create the ZIP file again and re-submit to TAPS.