Virtual Venue

Table of Contents

Venue information
Accessing the Online Conference
Guide to Conference Content
Community and Safety
Support contacts

Venue information

The conference is held at Van Metre Hall, at George Mason University’s Mason Square (formerly the Arlington Campus). Venue information and directions can be found on our website. In addition, EAAMO 2022 will also have a virtual participation option. More specifically, virtual part of the conference will broadcast the keynote talks and session talks, with a possibility to ask a question using Q&A section, using the Hopin platform.

The conference will be presented in English. Please be aware that English is not everyone’s first language. Therefore, be mindful and respectful to everyone and ask for an additional clarification if needed.

Accessing the Online Conference

Our online conference platform will be open for two weeks, starting on October 4. Recorded content will be available for six months after the conference. Please familiarize yourself with it before things get going. And let us know if you have any questions about how to use it. We would like to thank the FAccT'22 Organizing team for their support and guidance in using the Hopin platform. The following guidelines on using Hopin are adapted from the FAccT'22 virtual venue guidelines.

Registering with Hopin

Everyone who has registered for the conference will receive a Magic Link several days prior to the conference to log in to Hopin. Click Login & Join Event to open this link in your browser. You can use whatever browser you want, however Chrome, Edge and Firefox preferred. Then, your account based on your email is automatically created. Please set up your profile and interests if you want.

When you return to Hopin, you can login through your email address. A one-time-password (OTP) will be delivered to your email. The initial screen looks like:

Hopin - Introduction Screen

Making your profile

When you log in, you’ll be asked to set up a profile. In addition to basic personal info (e.g., institution and bio), you can also set your interests, which will help you find like-minded people among the conference attendees. We strongly encourage you to set up your profile as other participants can find you and conect to you according to your personal interests.

You can later edit this under the Edit profile menu at the right sidebar. We kindly ask that you include your preferred pronouns in your profile.

Hopin - Set up personal profile

Reception and Schedule

The homepage of the conference is called the Reception area. This is where you can find the Program Schedule, which you’ll use to plan your viewing of live content at the conference.

Hopin - Reception area

You can add content that you want to watch live to your Agenda—a personalized schedule of favorites—or directly to your preferred calendar app. You can filter the schedule for content that you’re interested in, by clicking the filter icon. Note that it operates within each day’s program, not across all four days.

When a given event goes live, you’ll see a live banner, and be able to click through from the schedule, or from your personal agenda, to the content you’re interested in. During the conference, the reception will also feature a What’s Happening Now panel, which you can click through directly.


Since EAAMO is a single-track conference, all of the events are conducted on the Stage screen. However, in case you missed something, you don’t have to worry. You can catch up on content that you missed at Replay page.


If you’d like to meet someone new, head to People. Click Join Now to be connected with someone else on the platform who also wants to chat. It’s a good way to make new connections. We will have special Meet Someone sessions when we coordinate around this tool, but you can use it at any time.

Hopin - People area

You can use People area to be connected to other participants by random (but according to the personal interests), or to find other participants and make them your connection during the conference.

We have programmed some time to enable the kind of serendipitous, chance encounters that happen easily at in-person conferences, but are harder to come by online. You just go to the People area of Hopin, and click Join Now, to join a Meet Someone session at the time when they’re programmed.

We’ll be inviting some notable figures in the EAAMO community to be available for each one, so you’ll have a chance of chatting with them, but also just of encountering someone you wouldn’t otherwise see. These speed meetings default to five minutes, but you can extend them at will, and share details to continue the conference later.

Meet Someone will be open throughout the conference, but it works best when everyone coordinates on a particular time.


Booths is a special area within Hopin to stream special presentations such as in-person social events, links to poster presentations, links to papers within each session, as well as other interested parties such as MD4SG.


Recordings of all Keynotes talks and in-person Paper presentations, can be viewed later by going to the Replay section in your sidebar. All Replay content will be available for six months after the end of the conference.


You can chat with other attendees under the Chat menu at the right sidebar. You can find people individually, or chat with the whole conference (very loud), or within a particular stage, or booth.

Hopin - Chat

Please read our community guidelines about the behaviour when chatting.


During any content taking place on a Stage the Chair will take questions from the Q&A panel on the right hand side of the screen. This goes for in-person presentations as well as all natively-online content. You can vote up questions that seem interesting to you.


Hopin was developed by people with a keen interest in making conferences more inclusive and accessible, and has been repeatedly reviewed for accessibility needs, and proven to handle these better than other available alternatives. There may still be needs that are not met; if so, please contact our accessibility chair or virtual chairs.

We are encouraging participants to ask questions and engage around papers on Hopin, which can be used to ask questions asynchronously. Moderators for each session will be monitoring booths to include these questions in the live Q+A.

All content that takes place in Sessions will have automated closed captions available. See how to enable them here.

All the talks will be livestreamed and recorded, and they will be posted to Hopin later in the day.


We have taken many steps to ensure the security and safety of attendees. Here are some of the systems in place:

  • Only registered attendees can send questions and interact with other attendees within Hopin. All activity is tied to a single user identity. If there are any verified breaches of the Code of Conduct, the user will not be allowed to access or participate in the conference.
  • Chosen organizers will be scanning submitted questions and discussion boards for any content that is considered inappropriate, and will be available during the sessions to address issues when they arise.
  • We do have the facility to disable conference chat, and have all questions in Q&A undergo moderation before being posted. However, we hope that these measures will not prove necessary, and that the EAAMO community will communicate respectfully and supportively, per our community agreements.

Technical Requirements

  • The Right Browser: We recommend using Chrome for the best user experience. However, our virtual conference portal works well on Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Access to Internet: You will need to have access to the internet in order to access the Hub and watch the livestream.

Guide to Conference Content


We have two types of content- Keynote talks, and Sessions. All of the events are conducted in-person.

Keynote talks include Marcella Alsan (Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School), Sello Mokwena (Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, Tshwane University of Technology), Neema Iyer (Founder and Director of Pollicy. Practitioner Fellow, Digital Civil Society Lab, Stanford PACS), and Karen Smilowitz (James N. and Margie M. Krebs Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University). Please find more information on a dedicated page for keynote speakers.

Sessions consists of presentations of the research papers (archival and non-archival). Each session will have between two and four paper presentations. EAAMO'22 will have following sessions:

  • Service Delivery and Incentives,
  • Participation,
  • Allocation under constraints,
  • Government, Regulation, Audits,
  • Quantitative social science and conceptual frameworks,
  • Algorithms for Allocation,
  • Computational Social Choice and Redrawing Boundaries,
  • Algorithmic Fairness and Documentation,
  • Policy and Practice; and Documentation,
  • Human factors, and
  • Allocations in Social Services.

You can find papers per session either at Reception in Hopin (within the description of the session) or at a conference program page. You can ask questions on Hopin during the live session.

Doctoral Consortium

In addition to the main content of the conference, EAAMO will host the Doctoral Consortium with an idea to provide an opportunity for PhD students to meet one another, present and discuss ideas, and to engage with mentors. Doctoral consortium is an in-person event and as such it will not be streamed.

In-person Social Events

In-person Social Events will not be stremed. However, there will be dedicated virtual social events such as topic discussions and networking.

Conference Program

For a complete program of the conference visit the Reception in Hopin or use a dedicated conference program page for a simpler HTML view.

Community and Safety

Please review our policies and the following community agreements before joining the conference. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and safe environment for all our participants. As an ACM-sponsored conference, we abide by the ACM Anti-harrassment Policy and ACM Privacy Policy.

  • Prioritizing a safe and inclusive conference space.
    • Participants must abide by ACM’s Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities and the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and agree that behavior which deviates from these guidelines will constitute grounds for actions against any attendee.
    • If you are involved in or witness any such incident, please submit a complaint to the conference organizers (contacts below).
  • Respect fellow participants and scholars. Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.
  • Practice explicit affirmative verbal consent. Do not record, screenshot, or photograph any session or participants without notification and explicit consent.
  • Understand that there are a wide variety of ways that people communicate, process information, and express themselves. Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and action.
  • Calling in instead of calling out. Whenever appropriate, try contacting someone directly to voice your grievances, criticisms, or concerns about their speech or actions before denouncing them publicly. If you are involved in or witness harassment or behavior that deviates from these community guidelines, please submit a complaint to the conference organizers and the members of the Virtual conference team will review the case.
  • Please be patient for any technology-related issues. We are working with a hybrid format for the first time. Do not hesitate to contact us for any issues accessing the virtual venue, scheduling, or other concerns (contacts below).
  • If you need something at the conference, ask for it.

In attending the ACM EAAMO'22 conference, participants abide by ACM’s Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities and the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and agree that behavior which deviates from these guidelines will constitute grounds for actions against any attendee. If you are involved in or witness any such incident, please submit a complaint to the organizing team (to be found on our website). We encourage all submitters to also complete a confidential complaint to ACM.

Remember, you can watch all of the Keynotes, Paper sessions and tutorials at your leisure so you don’t need to attend everything live.

COVID-19 guidelines

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage all of our participants to practice safety when attending in-person events. We encourage all participants to wear masks, particularly indoors. Our in-person conference venue does not require any specific documentation nor does it require mask usage for accessing the venue. Please respect your fellow participants' preferences regarding wearing masks. If you are feeling unwell, please refrain for joining in-person activities for everyone’s safety. If you can no longer present in-person, please contact our Program Chairs ( and we will arrange for a virtual presentation instead.

If flying from outside of the US, please be mindful of the current guidelines related to COVID-19 for entering the country. Please check the latest CDC guidelines before entering the United States.

Support Contacts

For support questions before the conference officially starts, write to Sandro Radovanović (, or to AND/OR